Monday, December 26, 2011

Shock Corridor by Samuel Fuller

Guess I'm gonna stick around in some older films that didn't get the attention they deserved when they came out. The same can be said for Samuel Fuller, who is probably one of the most underrated filmmakers in American history. Why were his films widely ignored, it's puzzle to me, but the quality of his work speaks for itself and this "film giant" doesn't require much to be said about him, because all you need to know is in his work. You probably won't find his name in infamous top 10 lists, neither in those that declare themselves official, or those that just spawn on youtube, and get 90% dislikes.
Enough about the filmmaker, let me focus for a while on what this great film has to show. This film was really unusual for its time. Scenes in it were never before seen in such maner. People were truely schocked, but that was the directors intention from the very beginning. It's a story about an ambicious reporter, who goes through a lot of shameful effort to get inside of a mental hospital in order to solve a crime. Film is generally about what he finds there and how he handles it. Schock Corridor is a hallway of that mental institution, where some of the scenes take place. I really don't wanna spoil it for anyone, so I'll stop here. I'm just going to say that this film makes "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" seem... can't find a proper word so I'll just stick with "bad". Why is that the case? Watch this great film to find out. Just becaus you can't find Fuller in top 10 lists doesn't mean that his work is any worse than the work of  "top10ers". Fuller's writing and directing is flawless. This cannot be said for many filmmakers or films, but in this case I can say it without feeling one tiny bit of a doubt. Sure, many films were made after this one, with scenes more explicit and more painful to watch, but none of them do it with taste. Do your filmself a favor and introduce your self to a wonderful world of Sam Fuller's films (yes, feel free to watch others as well) and see what you've been missing on because somebody somewhere doesn't want you to see this film.

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