Wednesday, December 14, 2011

50/50 by Jonathan Levine

I'll try to focus more on newer movies from now on. It probably won't last because most of the newcoming films are pure rubbish. Reviews are also bound to get shorter. Hope you don't mind.
Just by looking at the movie poster, one can see that this is no ordinary Hollywood comedy. Well, it doesn't have Jennifer Aniston on it, so that's a start. Before I start getting into what this movie is about, I have to say that it didn't really impress me, but I still think that it's worth watching. We just don't get that many good comedies, or movies in global nowdays, so this is kind of refreshing.
This movie is about a regular-everyday-guy ('bet you didn't see much of that, huh) who finds out, at the age of 28, that he has cancer. Now, I know that this sounds more like a tragedy than a comedy, but the very adaptation of the subject into the world of comedy is what makes this film good. The main character (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or the-other-guy-from-Ineption-who-isn't-Leo) strugles to fight the disease with help from his best friend (Seth Rogen's character) and his girlfriend (Bryce Dallas Howard). Most of the other characters in the movie help him deal with it as well. Now, you'll probably see many of the events coming, but it's what happens inbetween that really matters in this film. You'll catch your self laughing, even though it's a film about cancer. The dialigues are well written, as well as intelligent. The direction is... fair, just as good as this kind of film requires. It isn't flawless, but as I said, in a film like this one doesn't even need perfect directing. When it comes to acting, there isn't much to complain about.  Seth is still Seth, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is well convincing in his role, in fact, in a year such as this one, he deserves a place among Oscar nominees. I'm not even joking. Rest of the cast is also pretty good at what their role is. Can't really point my finger in any direction with complains.
Ok, time to sum. If you're sick of seeing same old rubbish getting recycled over and over on the big screen, you should definitely watch this film. As I said earlier, it probably won't take your breath away, but it'll make your evening/morning/afternoon (whatever you guys prefer, I like my movies just before I go to sleep) entertaining. It might make you think about life, cancer, love (...), but at least you'll view it from the bright side after watching this film. 

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