Sunday, December 25, 2011

In Cold Blood by Richard Brooks

Ok, back to history. Haven't really seen that many 2011. flicks worth watching, so brace your selves for a trip in the past (yay!). In Cold Blood is an interesting movie, because it speaks of something that was a taboo back then. It focuses on death penalty, and a background to a crime that shook America. Most of the Americans back then were all for hanging those two guys high. This film, however, is focused on what Truman Capote found out, and then wrote in a book, about two criminals awaiting a death penalty. There isn't much to say about this film without spoiling it hard. My advice is, don't watch the remake, and even if you feel like watching the film "Capote", you should see this one first. This film did in no way deserve to be remade. The directing, acting and writing were pretty much perfect for this kind of a film. The main problem with it was the fact that people thought of it all wrong. America wanted to keep an illusion of a perfect justice system, when in fact it really wasn't (not saying it is now). This film is interesting to see as a history film and as a thriller with a number of interesting characters and a unique way of presenting the characters and a story. Might not blow you away, but it surely blew me away. Don't miss it!