Monday, January 23, 2012

Shitlist 2011. vol. 1

I heaven't yet reviewed everything worth watching in 2011. but I feel like I should give you a headsup on what you shouldn't even bother seeing. Oscars are coming and I will make a post about the nominees, but not just yet.

Just Go With It (2011.) - I'm pretty sure I haven't yet seen a worse film in 2011. and I have seen three films made by Uwe Boll. The only thing I can say about this is "predictable and stupid". Duh, I know it's "just" a comedy, but even for a comedy it's too damn stupid. 

Jack and Jill (2011.) - Don't really feel like saying anything about this one. Is it worse than the previous one? It really doesn't matter. Just stay away from it and you'll be fine. 
Johnny English Reborn (2011.) - As much as I respect Rowan Atkinson, this film isn't even worth mentioning. If I was him I'd stop acting after being in a film such as this one. Get your shit together, Rowan.
Conan The Barbarian (2011.) - First of all, why would anyone go as far as remake the original film, second of all, it's one of the worst films that I've seen this year. Forget about it. 
Straw Dogs (2011.) - Another remake. This time, someone decided to remake Sam Peckinpah's classic, starring Dustin Hoffman. I'm gonna write a review about the original in the next couple of days. Remake of it made it to my shitlist because it's dumb, shallow and it really doesn't say anything. Seems like they took all of the story, but forgot to steal what really mattered in the original.
No Strings Attached and Friends With Benefits (2011.) - Didn't wanna waste time writing about these 2 films separately. Well, both films are about a couple that decided to have sex without being in a relationship and how both of those couples failed. Nothing new, nothing original, nothing funny. So, unless you're in love with one of the actors, you should burn the DVD and forget all about it. 
Transformers 3 - I believe even kids hated this shit. The story is dumb, acting is terrible and it's directed by Michael Bay (again). So I don't feel like I should say anything more.
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Well, it really isn't possible to make a good film out of a shitty book. And those books are fucking stupid and shallow. If you've already seen any of the films from the series... I feel sorry for you.
Zookeeper - Don't wanna waste words. It's everything but funny.


  1. I watched Jack and Jill with some friends. I never felt so ripped off.

    1. Johny English Reborn dissapointed me so much. I think Twilight is obvious :D

  2. ahhhh cmon man, transformers wasnt badd