Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lemmy (2010.) by Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski

Once I believed that it was impossible not to know who Lemmy was. Since then I've talked to a bunch of people who had no idea about Motorhead's work, not to mention Hawkwind and Lemmy as a persona. If you're one of those guys who spent most of their life living under a rock, this documentary is a nice way for you to get to know Lemmy, find out who he is and what he did.
I'm kind of new to reviewing documentaries, so I'll just focus on what I think matters. This film follows Lemmy Kilmister's daily routine, shows interviews with friends of his, regular people whom he encounters, ex band members (he was a member of a space rock band called Hawkwind before founding Motorhead.)... Personaly, I can't think of a more suiting way of showing who Lemmy really is. Both him and the interviewed people speak openly about everything. Noways it's quite popular to talk cleanly, excluding the dirty details when it comes  artist's life. Lemmy just doesn't do it. For him, everything that he's done is a part of himself in one way or another. Drug use, sex life, music... One can just see that he speaks nothing but the truth. He doesn't care what people will think of him, he let's everyone know that that's who Lemmy is and if they don't like it they're gonna have to learn to deal with it. This documentary made yours truely more of a fan of Lemmy as a person than ever before. I used to enjoy what he did in both Hawkwind and Motorhead. Both of those bands play kind of unique music, different and inovative in so many ways.
I hope you guys found this useful. If you're not fans of Lemmy to begin with, I'd go with this documentary as a good introduction to what Lemmy made in his lifetime. His music had a huge influence on what was later called music, but shamefully not as much influence to a music today (implying that music today sucks). Give it a shot and you won't regret it. Cheers!



  1. I know who they are, but I'm not that familiar with them. I'll have to check this one out. My curiosity is peaked.