Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Easy Money by James Signorelli

This is probably the first time I'm reviewing a comedy. I picked this very film up because I liked very much and yet it remains underrated. Rodney Dangerfield is one hell of a comedian, and one can easily notice that within this film. He may be better at stand up, but this is one of his films that everyone should see.
The story revolves around Dangerfield's character, who's mother-in-law dies and leaves a strange will, asking him to change his life style completely. His best friend is played by Joe Pesci. And Joe Pesci will be Joe Pesci. Now, when I see a comedy the only thing I expect from it is to be funny. This film makes that work and that's why it made it here. The film is full of Dangerfield's famous one-liners and one just can't hear that and not laugh. If you're from Europe, the weather must be terrible, so use your extra free time to watch thing film and make these shitty days happier. Cheers



  1. Im from Europe and Im going to watch this movie, thanks :)

  2. I'm a big fan of comedy films and i have never heard of this one. I think i'll check it out.